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We've all been in workshops where the instructor drones on through an endless presentation. We call this "Death by Slides." At The Training Alliance we have taken a vow never to subject students to such punishing, ineffective instruction. Instead, we have a passionate commitment to creating a classroom experience that is action-oriented, results-oriented, and memorable. No one sits passively in our classes. Everyone works hard to acquire the knowledge and skills they need.

"Your most recent method of "debriefing" was not only innovative and entertaining, it also illustrated the participants' total synthesis of their learning experience. The "News Broadcast" consistently illustrated their understanding of Accelerate's conceptual framework, their ability to work together effectively as a team, and offered a platform of constructive critique and overt praise couched in multi-media (not to mention humor and candor). This was a true "win" all around for each of you and your program. This is the stuff "insanely great" training is made of."

-- Project Manager for Apple Computer

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