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The Client:
Southern California Edison
The Challenge:
Southern California Edison's (SCE) 600-plus Customer Service Representatives are the first line of contact for their customers. Traditionally, when hired, they attended a ten-week New Hire Training Program. SCE wanted to cut training time by one-third and increase the level of competence. They wanted to make these improvements using internal HR staff, as they had little budget for outside consultants.
The Solution:
The Training Alliance conducted several types of detailed analyses to determine the best solutions. We made both training and non-training recommendations: Quick Wins, Short-term Recommendations, and Long-term Recommendations. In general, we recommended that SCE:
  • Create a more supportive work environment
  • Provide more effective supervision
  • Hire more customer service representatives
  • Improve the process of acquiring job knowledge and skills
  • Improve present processes, systems, and tools
The Results:
SCE changed its HR selection process to ensure it was hiring people with the appropriate entry skills and aptitudes. Using The Training Alliance's revised curriculum design, it revamped its new hire curriculum and cut training time by 30%. Part of this effort was to have TTA train its internal Training and Development staff to develop training in a modular fashion with performance tests and to deliver the training as learning facilitators. As a result, new hires were ready to work real-time with customers faster and met performance quality standards sooner and more consistently.

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