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The Client:
Apple ComputerApple logo

The Challenge:
The Training Alliance was hired by Apple Computer to determine the following:
  • The level of customer satisfaction with several sales tools
  • How the sales tools were being used
  • What worked and didn't work
  • The perception of gains in productivity and revenue generation
  • The need for additional sales tools

The audience for the sales tools was the internal field sales force. The Training Alliance encountered several challenges during this project:

  • Developing a generic survey that would satisfy everyone's needs and could be achieved within budget
  • Keeping the survey short enough so that people would take the time to respond
  • Obtaining an up-to-date database of names and phone numbers
  • Selecting the optimum sample size (budget was a consideration)
The Solution:
The Training Alliance developed a quantitative survey that included open-ended, qualitative questions. The survey evaluated eight sales tools including Pocket Product Guides, CDs with reference libraries, wall charts for configuring systems, audiotapes, and product information kits. We conducted the survey via telephone and email with 20% of the population.
The Results:
The findings of the survey enabled the client group to:
  • Persuade marketing and product groups to participate in the development of sales tools
  • Help other internal groups improve sales tools
  • Obtain budget to expand certain features of the sales tools and to sustain current efforts
  • Eliminate versions of tools used only by a small percentage of users
  • Improve customer service
  • Help decision-makers justify purchasing the sales tools
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