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Every project begins with some sense of a performance deficiency. Therefore, the first thing The Training Alliance does is to analyze your business needs and determine how to give you the results you want. We use several analysis techniques with individuals and small and large groups company-wide to determine what needs to change. During feasibility studies, needs analyses, or performance analyses, we talk to your employees, managers, and customers to zero in on performance gaps and what's important to them. Our analysis reports are easy-to-read, comprehensive, and helpful. We don't just report our findings; we make recommendations and suggest the best and most practical solutions.

"We paid a big name consulting firm to do a similar analysis that cost us ten times what we paid The Training Alliance. What we got back from the big name company was a bunch of findings, which we already knew. Unlike that company, The Training Alliance gave us their conclusions; their recommendations and suggestions for what to do next to fix the problem. We have implemented many of their suggestions and they work!"

-- Hewlett-Packard

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